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Tech Stop
Rocky Mounts Hendrix Bike Lock Review by Tom Baker For riders who must leave their bikes unattended and locked to prevent theft, the tradeoff in ...
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Welcome to US Cycling Report


Rocky Mounts Hendrix Bike Lock Review

by Tom Baker

For riders who must leave their bikes unattended and locked to prevent theft, the tradeoff in lock choice is between adequate security and ease of carrying the lock. A new bike lock by Rocky Mounts tries to address this with a new design called Hendrix.

Hendrix Lock

The Hendrix lock has the higher security of thick steel construction, yet using a new approach to bike locks; it also collapses down to a small, compact, easy to carry shape. The security of this lock is about equivalent to a chain lock – better than a cable lock, but less than a large U lock.


Flying Rider Rendering Released

Flying Rider announced today that the Computer Aided Design of its first
production model is complete. Two potential fabricators have bid to produce the frame and others are expected. David Schwartz, designer of the novel vehicle said, “The first proposal we received was for a carbon fiber reinforced plastic frame. The second was for T6061 aluminum tubing construction. The all steel proof-of-concept bike, which weighs 28 pounds is too heavy to be acceptable.

We’re aiming for a 17 pound machine tough enough to commute on.” Other improvements on the proof-of-concept bike include a cleaner, less complicated frame with a wider front
aperture for bigger riders. “The larger space between the front tubes allows the rider to get lower in the frame,” said Schwartz. “That improves aerodynamics when in downhill ‘flying’ mode. Also, the tighter curve of the upper rear frame section provides a nearly vertical plane for mounting a backpack.”

Public reaction to the no-seat concept has been mostly positive. Many have expressed eagerness to try it out for themselves. However, some see no need to tinker with the basic diamond frame design – now 130 years old and well-proven. “No doubt, this new design isn’t for everyone,” noted Schwartz, “but lots of people have told me they look forward to the extra efficiency and are anticipating the thrill of a hang glider-like ‘flying’ experience.”

Tinkoff-Saxo presents new technical sponsor SUPRABEAM

We are happy to have a new sponsor onboard Tinkoff-Saxo. SUPRABEAM is a Danish company that designs innovative high-end LED torches and head lights. SUPRABEAM will supply Tinkoff-Saxo and our mechanics with their products, such as the V3r head light, to ensure optimum work conditions throughout the day.

SUPRABEAM began their sponsorship at the start of this year’s Tour de France. During the long Grand Tours, mechanics and technical staff often work until late in the evening to prepare all material including bikes and cars for the stage to come.

“We’re often working when it’s dark outside in the parking lot by the truck. So the V3r is really helpful since the light beam is so bright and concentrated. I wear it on my head and it points wherever I look. My hands are my main tools, so it’s important that I have them at my disposal”, says Christophe Desimpelaere, mechanic on the team since 1998.

According to Claus Lindholm-Olsen, International Sales Director, SUPRABEAM welcomes the partnership and looks forward to working with a team in the World Tour.

“We’re excited about working with the professional team of mechanics and providing Tinkoff-Saxo with the best lights to achieve the best results. We hope this partnership will help Tinkoff-Saxo in their pursuit for great results in Tour de France and in many races to come”, says Claus Lindholm-Olsen.

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