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Rocky Mounts Hendrix Bike Lock Review by Tom Baker For riders who must leave their bikes unattended and locked to prevent theft, the tradeoff in ...
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Welcome to US Cycling Report

Rocky Mounts Hendrix Bike Lock Review

by Tom Baker

For riders who must leave their bikes unattended and locked to prevent theft, the tradeoff in lock choice is between adequate security and ease of carrying the lock. A new bike lock by Rocky Mounts tries to address this with a new design called Hendrix.

Hendrix Lock

The Hendrix lock has the higher security of thick steel construction, yet using a new approach to bike locks; it also collapses down to a small, compact, easy to carry shape. The security of this lock is about equivalent to a chain lock – better than a cable lock, but less than a large U lock.

The design has 6 pivoting two inch long links that fold out from the storage position into a loop that can lock a bike to a bike rack or immovable object. A big advantage in this approach is that the shape can simply change to fit the shape of what is being locked. In contrast, a U lock only has the U shape, both when it is being carried and when it is being used. A chain lock is also rather bulky compared to this lock. Importantly, the Hendrix weighed in at 1 lb. 10 oz., including the bike mount, which makes it very reasonable to consider installing on bikes that will be left unattended and total bike weight isn’t the ultimate concern.

The links are covered in a hard plastic so that the steel doesn’t come into contact with the bike. The links pivot on machined steel bolts that are permanently joined. When the lock is folded up, it fits into a holster that can be attached to water bottle mounts. It looks like a big multi-function tool when mounted.

Hendrix Lock

This product is what we like to see in new product innovation – its design offers a nice solution to the trade off between carrying a bulky, high security U lock and a low security, easy to carry cable lock. It really hits a sweet spot in security, convenience and weight.

This product was well thought out by people who obviously ride and see the impracticality of compromising on security or convenience. There weren’t really any complaints to mention on this product. It does what a good product should, delight the user. Oh, and it comes with 3 keys, not just 2. It sells for about $70 and makes good sense as an investment in security for those who definitely can see themselves hauling around a U lock or a big chain lock to protect their bike.

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